About Us

What do we do

We are consultants who advise our clients on building and expanding their organisation on the Internet. We work with them on a regular basis to understand their organisation goals, stake holders needs, products or services and marketing initiatives. This helps us clearly define and build anything from a simple website to a feature rich web application.

Our strategy is to create a structure that not only compliments with an organisation's requirement but also make it flexible enough for the changing needs of our customers. This way an organisation focus is more on their goals and objectives rather than technology glitches.

Our Belief

The only constant is "Change"

Creating an effective web presence is an evolutionary process. The power of the web can be harnessed better if we create a platform that not only compliments an organization’s objectives but also allows the organization to manage its web presence based on changing business needs.

Our Approach

We are an organisation with a difference – we use Open Source. What this means is that we re-use the thousands of functionalities and features created by a community of developers and users around the world to make your website or web application for you. This way, we save you money, time, energy...And make your product rich, robust, bug-free and user-friendly. In fact, when OpenSource makes your product for you, you actually have thousands of bright people and their brilliant ideas contributing to your website or web application. We constantly aim at:

- Reducing your dependence on us: We achieve this by providing administrative tools that allow you to manage and update your pictures, videos, articles, and documents from within your organisation. All this can be done without any programming knowledge.

- Providing eye-catching and suitable designs : Our design team works on creating web FrontEnds based on your requirements. What this means is that the way a corporate entity is presented would be totally different from the way a site showcasing different products/services is made to look.

- Creating Web applications that drive revenue : Since we are in the Open Source arena we have an inexhaustible list of features. Some of the features that we can build for you are - Shopping Carts, Document Management Tools, Picture & Video Galleries, Location Maps, Event Management Tools, Work Allocations Tools, User Management Tools, Community Builders, Discussion forums, Blogs, Chats, IM, Newsletters, Directories, Forms...Using these, we can make your website your active marketing partner - not just a static entity that happens to be online. We help you use the Internet to make money.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

We provide both custom training programs for Corporate entities as well as scheduled training for freelance professionals in Web Development and Cloud Computing space. Our trainers are specialists and experts in their respective field of study with significant industry experience that matters in providing such training.

Help us Help You

Is it important for you to have:

  • A web presence that improves your revenue?
  • A cost-effective advertising medium?
  • A dynamic website, self-manage it?
  • A web presence that can be scaled up economically, according to your needs?

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